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SARS Tax season is now on!!

In Tax compliance and advisory on July 4, 2012 at 20:54

I’ve been receiving numerous calls from clients, friends, family and that once every now and then “acquaintance”.  The question they often ask is:  “hey can I claim for this…. err what about that, I need a refund from that Zuma fella he is squandering taxpayers sweat anyway”

……. “The Lack of knowledge or misconception of relevant laws thereof is not sufficient justification for submitting flawed tax returns and wont prevent you from going into jail”.

The Tax Administration Act was promulgated earlier today. If you have read the draft (s) of the Bill, you will be aware that there are some extraordinary powers which have been conferred upon the Commissioner’s representatives to be fairly rigorous (and maybe abusive) in dealing with taxpayers’ tax affairs.  Many will disagree with my assertion, and often swift to site the concurrent establishment of the Tax ombudsman which appears to promise a way to address any undue conduct by SARS officials. If you read the language of the statute you will come to realise that the Act merely promises what seems to be a rather “Customer complaints office of SARS”, at which one will be redirected from one person to the other whilst waiting for you to hang up the phone and quote you a case number without any details when you call again to follow-up. The ombudsman has not been given authority to conclude nor commission due appeals process upon receipt of any complaints which would ultimately make the SARS officials accountable and bring about concession to you as a taxpayer.

Maybe I am just a skeptic. Let us watch and be hopeful, for the time being I suggest we be prudent taxpayers

Happy SARS Tax Season!!!!!

Mr Vukosi W Fungeni
Managing Director (CEO)
GONDO Consulting Services
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  2. SARS can search without warrant ……

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